Monday, September 14, 2015

Naughty Hair 9-10-15

L- "What happened to your naughty hair?"
M to D- "Did he really just call my hair naughty?"
L- "I like your hair when it behaves."

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My butt!

W was 18 months old with this one.

W "mom it hurts."
M "What hurts?"
W In a very serious tone and face, "My butt!"

Side note, there was nothing wrong with his butt. 

Popped Heads

From 2 years ago when I was taking S to kindergarten.

Dropping S off at school and W is told he isn't old enough to go. "Umm, probably need to pop my head of and pop dad's head off and put it on so I can probably go to school."

Giant Alligators

L came upstairs in a panic and when i finally got him calmed down to understand him he informs me that there are giant alligators down stairs and he needs to shoot them with his finger gun. He proceeded to go down stairs and "shoot" the alligators.


L wanted juice, he had told me he wanted some but i was waiting for him to ask nice for some, instead of just asking nice he took my cup filled it half up with water for me and brought it back with a response of, "There you go. Juice please." And then gave me a hug. He got his juice.

Pretend Tablet

One day while driving in the truck....

W in the back of the truck playing with his pretend tablet making noises. L didn't like the noises so started arguing with W, so we told him to stop, W didn't stop so L pretends to break the pretend tablet. Problem solved.....

They Grew up? 9/8/15

After using the bathroom and coming out pulling his shorts up. Yes we are trying to break him of the habit of coming out of the bathroom before pulling his pants up, it is slow going. ;)

L pointing at his shorts, "Are these shorts?"
M " Yes those are shorts."
L looking inquisitive, "They grew up? They didn't grow down? They grew up?
                                    "How did they do that?"